What We Do


Digital technologies used both at home and work need to be seamless in today’s age of connectivity. And in the commercial environment, AVIO knows that designing and delivering reliable, secure and robust solutions are standard requirements—bar none. All of our solutions are scalable to meet the light commercial demands of your business including: video surveillance, security and access control; network; distributed media, audio, video and presentation; lighting, shading and environment control systems.

Our dedicated teams have the capabilities to collaborate with business owners and management, general contractors, architects and designers to plan and execute flawlessly. We know what it takes to work under rigid timelines, safety requirements and other commercial operating constraints. AVIO has direct experience in working with project teams at a variety of businesses including: law and financial firms, medical and dental offices, hospitals, industrial manufacturers, shopping centers, restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, churches, funeral homes, small retailers and even zoos among many others.