What We Do

Outdoor Entertainment

Our clients demand seamless transitions from indoor to outdoor spaces.  In turn, AVIO delivers countless options for a range of lifestyles at home as well as operational business needs that enhance guest and customer experiences.

We engage in a variety of project opportunities including small to large scale multi-zone audio and video systems around pools, cabanas and sport courts.  We also have a variety of systems to create and support outdoor theaters, controlled landscape lighting design, spa and pool operation as well as basic scalable entertainment projects. 

AVIO also supports our clients' customer experiences at their businesses by creating dynamic and entertaining outdoor seating areas, pass through spaces, showrooms and waiting areas.  These environments are filled with advanced technologies of which some are designed and need to be visable while others can't be seen intentionally.

Taking advantage of an integrated wireless network, you’ll have complete control year-round of technology in your outdoor space via your smart phone, tablet, touch panels or remotes while keeping equipment, cable boxes or other components out of view and protected from the elements. 

And for business owners and managers, we create secure networks for your own operational requirements as well as provide a proper system design and onsite configuration for your customers' needs in your uniquely designed outdoor entertainment spaces.