What We Do

Security & Surveillance

A safe, secure and comfortable home or business is our answer to your peace of mind. 

AVIO’s video surveillance systems provide complete coverage in and outside and are custom tailored to fit any size structure or application.  Color or black and white images as defined as you need - from both high resolution network and advanced analog cameras - can be viewed via smart phones, tablets and computers during the day and at night, wherever there is a network connection available with an easy to use app. 

We provide comprehensive low voltage wired and wireless security systems that can be retrofitted into exsiting infrastructure at your home or business or wired during remodeling or a new construction phase.  We offer the option of comprehensive system control via smart phones as a standalone solution, or fully integrated with other control systems at your residence or business.

Along with 24/7/365 monitoring services via AVIO Alarm & Security, Inc. with tailored customer service, we support complete system design at varying levels of required burglary, intrusion, fire, smoke and environmental monitoring and protection as well as access control with off-the-shelf and custom best-of-class solutions.

If you have higher security demands than the average residence or business may need, we can help.  AVIO has years of successful experience working with high-profile clients that have more intense personal and asset protection requirements.  Professional athletes, musicians and actors; C-level executives and business owners; as well as politicians, government officials and others trust AVIO with the confidential and sensitive nature of their individual needs. Our design, engineering and technical teams have the capabilities to create and execute unique security and surveillance systems.  Regardless of the challenge, AVIO will leverage off-the-shelf advanced products and services as well as customize solutions that are tailored to address very specific requirements, including high-risk situations.